Can taste be preserved? Thanks to the right technology, a perfect product quality that does not have to hide behind fresh products can be obtained by the quickest cooling possible.
However, this requires more than "just" refrigerating capacity. Here, profound knowledge is required to understand the complex connections between cooling, proofing and baking.

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„Thanks to refrigeration technology, we have made significant progress in terms of quality and plan to achieve the same in terms of operating efficiency“...
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Energy plays a key role when redesigning and rebuilding a bakery...
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Special challenges - Special solutions…

Herkömmliche Steuerung im Vergleich zur MIWE TC

MIWE SF-V flash freezer (-38 °C to - 20 °C)

  • Specially designed for non-proofed, pre-proofed and baked goods.

  • Reaches minimum -7 °C core temperature.

  • Immediate icing on the product surfaces - humidity remains in the dough pieces/baked products.

  • Individual tailor-made design and quantity standard (e.g. 12 trolleys/h): from the third trolley on, principally possible as a driving unit, or from the fifth trolley on, the fully automatic loading is possible by means of the rack trolley transporting system.

  • Very high fan capacity of the laterally-mounted stationary evaporators with integrated defrost heating for accelerating the defrosting process.

  • Easy to maintain: easy access to the evaporators via separate service door.

  • Smaller defrosting cycles seen as individual plate spacing is adapted to product state (10-14mm).

  • Energy-saving: the universal 120 mm (optional 150 mm) thick, continuous insulation prevents cold bridges and energy losses.

  • Hygiene is the key: interior designs with seamless floor made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. Outside walls made of stainless steel at extra charge.

  • comfortable MIWE FP8 fixed programme control are included (optional TC).
MIWE SF-D also without a handle
MIWE SF-D flash freezer (-38 °C to - 20°C)
  • System featuring uniform suctioning: Thanks to the considerably reduced risk of drying out, the MIWE SF-D is the ideal partner for all types of long-time dough method and retarded proofing. Perfect for special processes like MIWE smartproof™, which uses the logistical (double capacity) and climatic advantages of stackable boards.

  • New air guidance system where the stackable trays are positioned in front of the ventilator in such a way that the sucked-up air only flows through the area containing the trays.

  • 8 mm fin spacing, touch panel (control unit).

  • No defrosting device.

  • Core temperature sensor installed as standard.

  • Foldable ventilators are easy to clean.

  • New door system without door handle (optional); a magnet shutting device closes the space tightly and reliably.

  • More space to move in the bakehouse, as no handle protrudes into the space.

  • Can be opened with one hand and just one action.

  • Increases safety for operating staff, as the refrigerated chamber can also be opened from the inside without a safety handle.

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