MIWE SKS cream cold storage cabinet: ideal conditions for cream in a very compact design.

When space is scarce, but you need perfect conditions for cream, the MIWE SKS cream cold storage cabinet is the right choice. It is a versatile, ready-to-use component especially designed for small bakeries and pastry shops. The MIWE SKS comes with two doors which are hinged optionally on the right or left.
The humidity in the refrigeration chamber can be controlled via fan speed. The external walls and internal surfaces are made of hygienic stainless steel.

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Further Information

The MIWE SKS: easy to use, energy-saving and high-capacity.

  • Energy-saving: two independent doors reduce loss of cool air (one refrigeration chamber).
  • Capacity: 18 trays (DIN 58/78 cm) or 36 trays (DIN 60/40 cm). Level spacing: 60 mm with 18 supports.
  • Support capacity can be varied widely through freely selectable spacing. Even large-volume pastry shop products or bread baskets can be accommodated.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use MIWE FP3 Fixed programme control system (3 storable mono temperatures).
  • Humidity can be controlled so that even sensitive products such as pralines or chocolate-covered products can be perfectly stored.
  • Optimal networking in your branch outlet thanks to the integrated RS-485 interface or optional Gateway or Ethernet interfaces.
  • Energy-saving: no additional electric heating system needed thanks to passive evaporation of condensation water.
  • Easy to use and safe: easy-to-clean doors with continuous handles close automatically and are available with your choice of hinges on the right or left.
  • Magnet seals are removable to allow for easy replacement when dirty or damaged.
  • Feet can be adjusted for all floor conditions.
  • The exterior panels are made of robust, brushed stainless steel, and the interior is made of hygienic, polished stainless steel.
  • 60 mm of insulation saves energy and provides extra "insurance" in the case of a power cut.
    Comes ready for immediate use.

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