Bakery Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration planning for bakeries requires custom solutions.
We can offer you a range of different components for all the temperature and humidity ranges required in your bakehouse or branch outlet.

MIWE bakery refrigeration systems

Leaves nothing to be desired.
Our refrigeration systems give you maximum performance for gentle freezing and long-term storage of large quantities of dough. You will also achieve top-quality results for your dough pieces with our fully automatic proofing unit or proofing chamber.

MIWE automated bakery refrigeration systems

Refrigeration in action: MIWE offers complete solutions for all your bakery refrigeration needs. All of our flow-through freezers convert the time it takes to cool the products into distance. Through-put speed and freezer temperature can be easily modified to suit the product.

MIWE cabinet systems

Great performance with a compact design.
The TKS enables cost-effective deep-freezing of decentralised bake-off stations, the SKS provides a perfect environment for cream refrigeration, and the GVAS is the first choice when forced, controlled proofing is required.

MIWE smartproof™

It's something in-store bakeries have long been waiting for: baked products with consistent premium quality thanks to precisely controlled long-time dough methods in the aromatic above-freezing temperature range, extremely reduced energy use, easy organisation of branch outlet deliveries and a logistics concept that streamlines operations and lowers costs. The MIWE smartproofTM offers all this.