Control Systems and Software


The MIWE Bakery Program Manager helps you to keep on top of your baking programs, and allows you to manage them quickly and conveniently. It makes it easy and convenient to create, edit, copy and share your programs.
MIWE winCAB offers you even more convenience. You can use it to control your operational sequences, as well as to check your data, which can then be displayed graphically. In addition to this, the functions of all networked ovens and refrigerating units can be monitored.
You can also use myTC with your touch-controlled MIWE TC to create sales and advertising graphics, as well to create as pictograms to represent the baking programs of specific products.

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Control Systems

The basic task of a control system for ovens or bakery refrigeration units is simple: to allow the baker to control all important process parameters as quickly and as easily as possible. Otherwise, it is impossible to reliably and consistently achieve the level of product quality that customers want.