What is winCAB 32?

MIWE winCAB 32 is based on the Microsoft WINDOWS® operating system for easy operation. Even novice computer users can get used to operating it in a very short time thanks to its graphic user interface and mouse operation.
The hardware required is restricted to commercially available PCs that can also be used for word processing, invoicing, etc.

How does winCAB work?

The individual devices in the bakehouse are connected to the winCAB computer via Ethernet. This PC automatically records all of the processes. Other PCs can also be installed in the network in addition to this. Connection to the branch ovens is via modem (telephone lines) or via an existing intranet (VPN).

What tasks does winCAB have?

  • The software MIWE winCAB (Windows-based) retrieves all available operational data for a system, stores it in an organised fashion so that it can be used for targeted analyses.

  • The recorded data is used to generate graphic displays of capacity utilisation, the current operating conditions and much more.

  • Standard baking programs (reload, manage or modify) are distributed quickly and reliably on all the relevant systems. You can also select specific groups.

  • MIWE winCAB improves process traceability (data storage) and quickly detects poor quality.

  • Having a fast and central access to all connected systems, most of which are located further away, saves time and money.


  • In terms of hardware, all MIWE baking stations, ovens
    and bakery refrigeration systems are equipped for network connection (Ethernet) (often already available as standard).

  • Technical infrastructure required: a router with connection to a public network (e.g. DSL or wireless); data connection via VPN tunnel to the central computer.

More information

MIWE winCab.32
Stores your entire range of operation
Operation/ programming / alterations in the parameter
Monitoring of the ovens
Branch ovens can be monitored and programmed via telephone.
Records changes in temperature