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All our MIWE ovens bear the GS seal for proven safety and meet the German VDI, VDE, and DIN safety regulation standards as well as all other current norms. It is a fact that even cutting edge technology requires some maintenance – and after years of reliable operation and intensive use, perhaps some improvements or an overhaul.

In this situation it shows again how wise it is to rely on MIWE. We offer our customers an extensive catalogue of services based on bakers’ input from all over the world. These services are designed to meet all our customers’ expectations.
The best part about this catalogue of services: you can determine your own individual service package according to your installation, its utilisation and the degree of convenience you desire.
Our purpose is to help you achieve increased operational reliability with as much convenience as you want.

MIWE connect

Helpline: Your hotline to MIWE service.

MIWE repair

Reconditioning: For a rapid resumption of production.

MIWE check-up

Inspection: Maintaining the value of your installation.

MIWE care

Maintenance: The standard service package.

MIWE fullservice

Operational reliability: keep your costs under control.

MIWE remote

Convenience and safety: intelligent service at any time.

MIWE individual

Service packages: It’s up to you.

MIWE upgrade

Modernization: Fit for the future.

MIWE start

Commissioning: The fastest way to high quality.

MIWE impulse

Training: Use your potential to the max.

MIWE parts

Original spare parts: They make the difference.
Please note that outside of Germany and Austria some of our services may not be available. Contact your local MIWE representative for more information.