Unbelievable: intelligent service at your fingertips

It has always felt good to have 24-hour access to the wide range of services offered by MIWE service – from MIWE care to MIWE upgrade.

Now we're offering even more comfort and security: with MIWE remote you can integrate MIWE service directly into your facilities. Using the most up-to-date secure network technology, your systems are "hooked up" online with our expert team. The functioning of your systems is therefore monitored around the clock; faults are reported to you immediately, your staff are supported online, your entire process control system is optimised, downtimes avoided and so on and so on...

No, it isn't make believe. Just relax with MIWE remote.

MIWE remote at a glance

  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting by MIWE experts

  • Preventive maintenance to keep on-site servicing to a minimum

  • Saves times and reduces downtime

  • Escalation management through MIWE experts in the event of a fault

MIWE remote gives you continuous and secure access to your operating data, allows you to use the expertise and alertness of the MIWE experts at any time and continuously provides you with information about processes relevant to production in your facility. What more could you ask for?

MIWE remote: the modules at a glance

Since MIWE remote is modular, it can be set up entirely according to your individual requirements – your wishes and demands determine the scope of services. Subsequent upgrades are possible at any time within the framework of your contract.
MIWE remote : net
  • Establishes a secure connection between MIWE and the MIWE control system of the customer's system.
  • Continuous connection monitoring of the customer's connected systems ensures that connection or communication failures are detected quickly and rectified.
  • Encryption of all communication.
  • Logging of all accounts which sign in and out by MIWE.
  • Automatic recording and storage of statistical data and measured values for the contract period.

MIWE remote : monitor
  • Direct transmission of all relevant data and measurements as well as filing over an agreed period of time. The evaluation of business data, lifecycle costs, as well as foward-looking planning is decisively simplified.
  • Automatic messaging via email about the categories information, warnings and faults to a contact person determined by the customer.
  • For critical faults, an SMS will be sent to a pre-determined mobile phone number. The fault can then be acknowledged by answering.
  • If faults requiring acknowledgment are not acknowledged within an agreed-upon interval via sms, the fault message escalates to a further agreed-upon contact person (additional option).

MIWE remote : diagnostic
  • Monitoring of all contractually integrated systems by the MIWE expert team
  • A MIWE expert will contact you within a maximum of 60 minutes in the event of a malfunction.
  • Fault analysis based on data from MIWE remote:net and immediate assessment of the situation by the MIWE expert team.
  • If it is necessary to send a MIWE service technician, one will be sent at the customer's request at the latest on the following day and the relevant standard replacement parts will be used (service visits and replacement parts are not included in the service package).

MIWE remote : assist
  • Remote access to customer systems for direct support.
  • Online help with 1:1 mapping of the MIWE control system (control panel)
  • If it is necessary due to a fault, the customer system can be emergency operated remotely.
  • Joint optimisation of the process control data possible.
  • User support – particularly in the start-up phase you will reach the desired level of efficiency quicker.

MIWE remote : portal
  • Password-protected access via web browser (with Java).
  • Shows the current operating status/data (e.g. temperatures, pressures, faults etc.)
  • Continuous availability of past data with download function.
  • Separate message archive (history of all messages)

The MIWE remote security policy

As MIWE remote involves your systems and data, we have put a great deal of emphasis on security during technical implementation.

All data is saved and processed exclusively in Germany – the secure German legal standard applies. Both access to data and systems and transfer and storage are subject to the strictest security precautions. Access rights are organised via a strict, hierarchically structured user management, which meticulously documents every access and effectively prevents access by unauthorised persons. Authorised persons are defined precisely in each individual case with you.

Connection to the MIWE remote platform is SSL encrypted, communication itself is protected by the closed architecture of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a special firewall, which makes sure that even clever spies have no way to read the data sent. To protect your network, we use outgoing connections only.